North Coast CMEA Forms and Documents

Below you will find all the necessary forms for applying and participating in any of our North Coast CMEA Festivals.  Remember, you must be a member of CMEA to participate in our festivals. For your convenience, we have created smart PDFs so you can now type directly into the form and save it for your records.  Please make sure to mark your materials with the date of your festival as they are not included on these documents. Thank you for your interest in our yearly festivals and good luck.

Please be sure to download ALL relevant documents

Instrumental, Choral and Jazz Festival Materials

Festival Application

Festival Invoice 2017-2018

Google Doc


Set-up Chart Instrumental Festival.pdf

Application Form 2015-16

Solo and Ensemble Festival Materials

Festival Application Form.pdf
Ensemble Adjudication Form.pdf
Soloist Adjudication Form.pdf

All County Music Festival Materials



ACMF acceptance letter

Other Materials

2014-15 Festival Handbook NEW!

Festival Feedback Form.pdf

Humboldt State – Festival Procedures.pdf
Guidelines for Adjudication Digital Recording.pdf
Festival Site Host Duties.pdf
CMEA Festival Student Duties Emcee.pdf
CMEA Festival Student Duties Guides.pdf
CMEA Festival Student Duties Judges’ Runners.pdf
CMEA Festival Student Duties Registration Table.pdf
NCCMEA Adjudication Contract.docx
Adjudication Expectations for NCCMEA Festivals.Pdf

NCCMEA Conductor Contract Template 2015

Group Chair Duties pdf New!

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