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All County Music Festival

All County Music Festival 2017-18

Friday and Saturday March 16– 17, @ Arcata High School


All County Letter 

Please see INFO page for additional  emails, addresses, and phone numbers


Overall Chair:   Stacy Young

Site Host:    Cassandra Moulton  at Arcata High School

Co-site Host: 

2017-18 All County Chairs:

Sr. Band Chair: Paul Cummings

Sr. Choir Chair: Charles Young

Sr. Orchestra: Charles Young and Cassandra Moulton

Jr. Choir Chair: Irene Treesong

Jr. Orchestra Chair:  Naomi Powell

Jr. Band Chair: Tracy Edson and Judi Scharnberg

Conductors for 2017-2018  All County Music Festival

Sr. Band: Dan Sedgwick

Sr. Choir: Sue Delgardo

Senior Orchestra: TBD

Jr. Choir: TBD

Jr. Orchestra: Holly MacDonell

Jr. Band: Fred Tempas