Executive Board

  • Executive Board

    • Holly MacDonell, President - hollymacdonell@gmail.com
    • Dan Sedgwick, Past President - dsedgwick@delnorte.k12.ca.us
    •  Judi Scharnburg, Treasurer - judimusic@gmail.com
    • Lisa Jouaneh, Secretary - jouanehl@eurekacityschools.org

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    • Executive Board Responsibilities and Duties
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      When contacting any of our board members, please be sure to direct your email to the appropriate individual to ensure a full, prompt and informed reply. Please peruse the various job descriptions to determine the appropriate contact person.

      President’s Duties
      1. Schedule NCCMEA meetings. Select a date and time, reserve a location, produce and distribute an agenda, and preside at the meetings.
      2. Propose dates and locations for festivals, checking for conflicts against school district, HSU, and other calendars.
      3. Solicit members to fill positions such as festival chairpersons, all-county group chairpersons, and site hosts.
      4. Attend CMEA state Board of Directors meetings, held quarterly in Reno, NV. Write and present NC-CMEA Section Report, summarizing music education events and news in our north coast section, for each Board of Directors meeting.
      5. Write annual article in North Coast Section News area of CMEA Magazine.
      6. Present North Coast Music Educator of the Year Award at annual CMEA banquet at state conference.
      7. Present North Coast Music Educator of the Year Award at the All-county Festival.
      8. Attend annual CMEA state conference, and preside at sessions as needed.
      9. Emcee the all-county festival, introducing each group’s chairperson and conductor, unless the president-elect will carry out this duty.
      10. Consult and meet as necessary with other board members, outside of regular membership meetings, on matters needing attention.

      Secretary’s Duties
      1. Attend all meetings and take minutes.
      2. E-mail minutes to President and Vice President (President-elect) who then edits and sends (via email) to teachers on mailing list.
      3. Bring a hard copy of past minutes to each meeting to check dates and earlier decisions.
      4. Serve as the back-up to the president-elect for all communication matters. Send e-mail messages as needed when the president-elect is not able to do so.
      5. Work with webmaster to keep the NCCMEA website up to date.
      6. Maintain the NCCMEA organization’s e-mail listserve, adding new teachers when they join and removing teachers who retire or resign. Change addresses as needed.
      7. Maintain NCCMEA membership directory, updating as needed.

      Vice President’s (or President-elect’s) Duties
      1. Send e-mail communications to membership to keep everyone informed of important events, including meetings, festival dates, upcoming deadlines, etc.
      2. Serve as the overall chairperson and coordinator for the all-county music festival unless another director has volunteered. Work with NCCMEA treasurer, site host, group chairpersons, conductors, and county office of education to ensure a smooth operation at the festival.
      3. Gather program information from chairpersons for the all-county festival and send to appropriate person in the county office of education for typing, layout, and printing. Pick up printed programs and arrange for distribution at performance.
      4. Solicit nominations for NC-CMEA Music Educator of the Year and other statewide awards. Arrange for anonymous voting process, and inform members of results.
      5. Fulfill duties of president when s/he is unable to serve.

      Treasurer’s Duties
      1. Answer member questions regarding financial matters.
      2. Collect members’ festival invoices, applications, and fees.
      3. Deliver festival applications to festival chairs.
      4. Reimburse festival chairs for expenses.
      5. Pay festival chairs, site hosts, adjudicators, all-county conductors, and others hired to work at organization events.
      6. Deposit monthly membership income disbursed by CMEA.
      7. Submit semi-annual treasurer’s report at meetings, summarizing the organization’s income, expenditures, and festival budgets.
      8. Maintain NCCMEA bank accounts (checking, savings, CD) and records.
      9. Meet and communicate with NCCMEA Board as necessary to evaluate organizational activities and plan for future organizational needs and events.
      10. Make recommendations to NCCMEA Board and general membership regarding increase or decrease of payment a